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Recycled Eyeglasses Update



As you recall Lions from all over the district met at the Easton Elks in January to sort and pack eyeglasses. The boxes have been stored at the eyeglass shed as well as other boxes that have been added during the last several months by clubs.

We have been waiting to have a full load of boxed glasses in order to take them to Hagerstown. Last year PCC Dave Studley and members of his club graciously volunteered to take them to Hagerstown. There have been inquiries as to when the glasses currently stored in the shed might be delivered.

Lion Mark LeRoux of 22C who is involved with their Community Outreach Program that provides free vision, glaucoma and hearing screenings has routinely been delivering eyeglasses to Hagerstown. Lion Mark has moved to the Eastern Shore and plans to join the Easton Lions. He contacted me a week ago offering to deliver our glasses along with glasses from 22C.

I received an update from Lion Mark that he plans to pick them up this evening from the shed. Members of the Easton Lions will help him load the glasses. This is great news so we can move our glasses along to the next stop. We are grateful to Lion Mark for his willingness to help with our glasses and look forward to him joining us in 22B. Please continue to collect used eyeglasses and thank you for your efforts.

All the best,

DG Kathy

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