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Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RHMC)


What do you do with the pull-tabs?

We take the pull-tabs to a local recycling center, where they are weighed and redeemed for cash per pound. This money is used to purchase gas for our shuttle that takes our families to and from area hospitals. It has been a helpful fundraiser for the House. Besides benefiting the families of RMH, collecting pull-tabs for recycling is an environmentally friendly practice as well!

How can I help?

Just start collecting! Pop pull-tabs off every soda, soup and food can; once you have collected a substantial number, give them to the House. Be sure to get everyone in your family, place of business and community involved.

What type of container should I use?

Please use containers that are easy for us to open and empty at the recycling center. Cardboard boxes and sturdy plastic bags are ideal. Please do not use water cooler jugs or plastic milk jugs – they are very difficult to open! On our website we have a selection of three beautiful labels to decorate your containers with, take a look!

How can I turn in the pull-tabs I have collected?

One of the following:

1. Bring them to us @ 1 Aisquith Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.

2. Mail them to us in a package labeled Pull-tabs.

3. Take the pull-tabs directly to a recycling center and mail us a check or money order payable to the Maryland Ronald McDonald House. We prefer this last option, which frees us of the responsibility of storing, transporting and cashing in the huge quantities of pull-tabs we receive every day!

Did You Know?

 1 inch = 1 pull tab

 1 foot = 12 pull tabs

 1 mile = 63,360 pull tabs

 1 pound = 1,267 pull tabs

 1 million tabs = 730 pounds

 730 pounds = $511

Information Sheet:

Download PDF • 536KB

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